Trail Camp

Boys from 14-15

Trail Camp is well-named. Sometimes it seems Trail Campers are in the camp long enough to clean out their packs and resupply for another trip. Trail Campers have traversed the 100-mile Northville Placid Trail, canoed across the heart of the Adirondacks and its wild rivers. You’ll rock climb, whitewater raft the Black River, and spend nights in the wilderness. At camp, you have your own village of lean-tos on the shore of Lake Kan-ac-to, where Trail Campers usually build their own sweat lodge by their dock to loosen muscles and get clean.

We offer horseback riding at the nearby Moose River Farm, it’s a good facility open to all levels of experience with quality horses, trails, indoor and outdoor arenas and expert instruction.

You will have the chance to test yourself here, and learn real skills that will last a lifetime.
Trail Campers will leave Camp ready for all kinds of challenges and you’ll know that you can survive in the wild.

See more about the activities you’ll be part of at AWC.

View the video below to catch a glimpse of where Trail Campers explore...