Woodcraft Magic: Summer Camp in the Adirondacks

The magic of summer camp at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps stretches over fields and forest and fills the space between. Everyone feels it! You can hear it in the whisper of the pines, the giggles in the cabins, and the swoosh of a paddle. You can see it in the smile of an understanding counselor and the star-filled night sky. It's in the way you're encouraged and the way you try. It's the friend you've become and the pride you take home. 

Click on the picture below to read about our camp Core Values and read below to learn about how our counselors and setting make all the difference. All of these things create the backdrop for the magic to unfold at the best summer camp on earth. 

Adirondack Woodcraft Camps Mission

Someone asked us how we find our counselors, and we told them that great counselors grow up to be great parents, and those are the people we bring to be counselors at Woodcraft: great parents who are still growing. What makes a great parent? Patience, caring, humor, an ability to get kids in bed and teeth brushed, and a person who genuinely loves spending time nurturing children.

Our pristine setting in the Adirondacks gives us a place where those children can be surrounded by nature and peace. A place where they are free from any stresses and where they can disconnect from technology and pressure and step out our doors into pure lakes and unspoiled northern woods where there is nothing but time; time to explore a trail, time to paddle a river, time to forge new friendships, time to discover the world in and around them.

What both of these attributes mean is that children come here and they grow. They succeed in new ways, and grow in confidence. They grow in the courage to take on new things. They grow their horizons. The intimate camp setting and the presence of good counselors helps them with communication skills. Being away from home and finding success in their summer world helps encourage mature independence.

The camp grows one more important thing. It helps campers see the natural world with caring eyes. Our next generation needs this skill, and it is hard to learn it in a book or a class. There is nothing like walking in the woods with a wild fawn, or feeling the beating heart of a frog in your hands to help reopen doors to the wild world that are too often closed in our modern world.

Everyone at Woodcraft enjoys watching campers grow, and we approach our days with the experience to help that happen from the inside out.