Camper FAQs

+ What can I do at Woodcraft? 

It’s hard to list everything because there’s so much you can do. Check the Activities section of the site to see more. At Woodcraft you’ll have an opportunity to take part in all of the following and more.

  • Canoe and backpack trips
  • Archery
  • Riflery
  • Nature  Expeditions
  • Rock Climbing and Bouldering
  • Kayak
  • Sail & Windsurf
  • Archery
  • Sports
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Complete private Waterfront
  • Initiative games
+ Do I get to choose what I do?  

Yes. You’ll have different group activities for most of the day so you can try all the fun stuff at camp. At the end of each day there’s a free choice period called General Swim. You can sign-up for this period after lunch. You get to do the things you want to do or spend extra time at. We have special free choice days each Wednesday called Hike Day. On these days you get to choose a day-long trip or hike that will include different age groups and both boys and girls.  We’ll also have a special day each Sunday where there will be free choice offered in the morning and a camp-wide activity all afternoon followed by another General Swim period. The evening activity each Sunday is a camp-wide campfire where you will have a chance to share a story, take part in a skit, sing a song or enjoy everyone else’s. They’re always loads of fun.

+ Will I go on trips? 

You’ll have the option to go on biking, hiking and river trips that are fun and exciting. It doesn`t matter if you have never done them before—we’ll teach you everything you need to know to have a great time. You will go on a trip at least once a week. Some of the things you can experience include:

River trips - Rafting on the Northern Hudson or Black River Canoeing/camping on the Fulton Chain, the Saranac, the Raquette or the Moose Rivers.  We will also offer many opportunities on some of the hundreds of Adirondack lakes.

Mountain trips - Backpacking in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks like Mt. Marcy, Algonquin and Haystack just to name a few. Vista Trail and Mountain Pond are very popular day hikes accessible from AWC

Day hiking - Up Rondaxe Mountain, to the Cascade Falls, or on parts of the remote reaches of the Northville Placid Trail.

Mountain biking - Right from camp on 500 miles of trails.

Belay and rappel - Off Bald Mountain after being introduced to these skill at camp.

+ Are there special event days? 

Yes. Besides normal days with activity periods, trips, and Hike Days every Wednesday, we also have Special Days every Sunday. Here are some of the things that can happen on Special Days:

Carnival - where every cabin makes a booth, and the campers play games for prizes.

Wood Cup - where we divide the whole camp into soccer teams that play each other in a very large tournament, ending with a staff game after dinner.

Halloween in July - where every camper makes his or her own costume and plays games for Halloween prizes.

Fourth of July - celebrations that include a fantastic decorated boat parade, water balloon launching, frog jumping contest and a huge bonfire.

Woodcraft Olympics - where every camper is involved in every activity possible—from basketball to fire building to a canoe regatta to a fishing derby and boating and swimming races, etc.

+ Do we have activities with girls/boys?  

Yes. Every General Swim period is coed as are many evening programs and Wednesday Hike Days and Sunday’s Special Days. Most other activity periods you’ll be with your own age group or division with your own gender.

+ What`s the food like? 

It’s incredible: the campers love it. At every meal there are generous proportions and plenty of choice to make for a balanced and healthy home cooked meal. Campers can always find something they like. At breakfast there is a main course (like eggs, waffles or pancakes) plus a cereal, yogurt and fruit bar. At lunch, main courses include tacos, BLTS, grilled cheese, and chicken patties; plus there is always a large salad bar. Dinners may include pizza, chicken, lasagna, turkey or beef dinner. There is always a vegetarian choice at each meal as well as special choices for dietary restrictions. There is also a selection of whole fresh fruit available for campers anytime throughout the day.

+ Do most kids come with a friend? 

When they first come to camp many campers don`t know anyone else. But that doesn`t last long. By the end of the first day you will know everyone in your cabin and many other kids, too. By the end of your time at Woodcraft you will know every kid in camp.

+ Will I do more than woodworking at the crafts area? 

Yes, Woodcraft is a word that has to do with learning about life in the woods - like how to camp, survive in the woods, make it down a river and respect the environment. You’ll enjoy different and varied woodworking projects but our crafts area involves much more.

+ Who will be in my cabin? 

Four to five other kids who are your age, plus one or two counselors. Your bunkmates will come from all over. There may be someone from your town, another state, or from another country.

+ How can I find out more about the camp? 

Picking a camp is hard. You want a great summer and sometimes camps all seem the same. We recommend that you watch our DVD and take a look at our other materials. Then call us so that we can talk to you and you can ask us those questions that are especially important to you as you plan a great summer. 

Visit AWC and find out for yourself!