Outdoor Leadership Training Program

Boys and Girls 16 & 17 years old

Our 16 & 17 year old Woodcrafters take it to the next level and begin their transition from camper to counselor. OLTDs will learn to master skills in the following areas:

Wilderness: map & compass reading, leave no trace principles, trip planning & safety, hiking & canoeing techniques, backcountry cooking, shelter building, knot tying, animal & plant identification.

Leadership: team building, taking initiative, communication, observing, reflecting, evaluating, organizing, planning, managing

Camper Care: camper safety and basic first aid, teaching/coaching techniques, activity leadership skills, cabin life, mentoring & positive role modeling, behavior management.


First Session: Two 4-5 night wilderness training trips, two weeks of in-camp training & activity skill building plus one OLTD Day Off. 

Second Session: One 4-5 night wilderness training trip, two weeks of in-camp training & activity skill building plus one OLTD Day Off.

Parent's Weekend: All OLTDs staying full session may take parents weekend to spend time with their family!

Application Process: Interested OLTDs write a letter of interest to the camp directors describing their desire & ability to cooperate in a small group setting, work with children, act as a positive role model, learn to coach activities, and complete wilderness training trips. All OLTD applications will include one letter of recommendation. 

Community Service: Our OLTDS are often able to use their time spent as counselors in training to complete community service hours required. We are happy to support with a letter and program information.