Girls from 6 to 9

Hadarondah means ‘barkeater’, a word once used to describe the American Indians who lived near here and had to eat bark when food ran out. It’s a famous old word for a famous group of our campers. You’ll live in a great cabin in the heart of camp. There are two main bedrooms and your own living room and bathrooms. Your house is a short walk to all the buildings and special places at the camp. You’ll have great counselors who were probably Hadarondahs once themselves. They’re here to help you do all the things at camp that you want to, and to be good friends too. We pick counselors for the Hadarondahs who would make the best kind of big sisters.

Hadarondahs get to do everything in camp, and you can get help learning anything you want to learn how to do. We offer horseback riding at the nearby Moose River Farm, it’s a wonderful facility open to all levels of experience with quality horses, trails, indoor and outdoor arenas and expert instruction.

You’ll have two whole lakes owned by the camp to use, all kinds of boats and activities, and plenty of places you will go and see.

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