Margo Goes Camping

Feb 28, 2018


Hello Campers,

I love going on trips. Will you take me on one of your group trips when you come to camp this summer? I know I'm new here but I hear Woodcrafters go on AH-mazing wilderness trips. I'm an explorer and adventurer myself. That's me in the pictures on a totally awesome camping trip last September with my family. I just want you to know I'm experienced so you feel good about taking me with you. I can hike, boat and I'll watch you and lifeguard while I cool off my belly in the shallow water. Maybe you can teach me to fish. 

I love summer camp and I love camping trips. So I double love Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. Here's what I want to know: what is your favorite Adirondack Woodcraft Adventure that you have been on? I will wait patiently for you answers. If you're a new Woodcraft summer camper, don't worry--we will learn everything we need to know together. If you're a really old one, I especially want to hear from you.


Your Summer Camp Dogger