Adirondack Day and Sleep away Camp.

Adirondack Woodcraft Camp is a Day and Sleep away camp for ages 6-16 located in in Old Forge, NY.

Since 1925, we've been creating adventures for new friends that love the outdoors. Our name tells our story. The Adirondacks offer rugged beauty with unlimited vistas. “Woodcraft” — a term from the early 1900s — describes the art and science of wilderness living. And camping conveys community connections that last a lifetime.

Today, we offer two experiences for campers. A traditional sleep away camp in 3, 4, and 7 weeks sessions and a day camp with optional overnights.


Sleep Away Camp at Adirondack Woodcraft

The camp’s sessions of 3, 4, or 7 weeks provide countless opportunities for old-fashioned fun and open-air learning. Days are filled with guided as well as individual activities, from hiking and biking to archery and art. Best of all, campers bring back stories to tell for generations. Stories of fears overcome, triumphs achieved, and friendships forged. And, believe it or not, no one misses texting or social networking. There’s too much fun to soak in.


Day Camp at Adirondack Woodcraft

Day Camp is an option for families visiting the Old Forge area who are looking for an engaging adventure for their children during their stay.

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