This Camp is great for first timers. For starters you’ll have something in common with every camper who’s ever come here. All of us were first-timers, and being new didn’t last long for anyone.

You’ll also start in right away doing the things that make summer in the Adirondacks so famous. Our counselors know how to do things, and you’ll get to do the right amount of training with them and then head out to the ranges, mountains, rivers, fields or lakes with your group.

Everyone’s here to have a great summer. Before you unpack you’ll meet campers who want to join you in getting your summer started! So don’t worry about being new, it’ll last about two seconds and you’ll be one of the group, getting ready to take on the Adirondacks.

To see some of the things you can do this summer, click here.

Here are some things you should know about coming here for your first summer.

  • The counselors are great. They’re here for you, and they’re pro’s
  • Lots of other campers will be new too, you’ll have lots of company
  • Most campers who are coming back will be in new age groups and in new cabins, so it’s new for almost everyone in some way or another
  • You’ll have your own cabin mates, trip mates and activity partners so you’ll meet friends fast.
  • Making friends is easy because you’ll be in small groups with campers your age.