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Jul 17, 2022

Good Evening Woodcrafters Everywhere,

Taps has blown some time ago and the stars are out over Lake Ka-nac-to. What an amazing summer we are having so far!

Our Rookie Campers have been gone for one whole week already. We miss them and thank them for being fantastic campers during our opening weeks of Summer ’22! During those two weeks, we took a quick survey to check in on favorites and how everyone was feeling about their summer so far. Here’s a quick summary and a few comments:

Favorite Activities: Swim, Boating, Archery, Riflery, Art, ZIp, High Ropes… and many more made the list!

Favorite Meals: Pizza Night, BBQ, Salad Bar, Buffet Breakfast.

How are counselors and what suggestions do you have for them? “Awesome.” “You’re doing a great job!” “Candy.” “No suggestions, you’re perfect.” “They’re the best. But I want to go to bed later!” 

What makes you happy at Woodcraft?  “The people.” “The energy at camp.” “Being with friends.” “Everything.” “Campfires and my cabin.” “The mood, the food, the things we do, the people and the celebrations.” "How everybody is kind to each other and the values that everyone holds.” “Hanging out with all the nice people here.” “Everyone is so kind. The activities are awesome, same with the food and I love the campfires!” “Everything except the bugs!” “All the fun activities we get to enjoy every day.” “The wilderness and long trips.” “The counselors.” 

Looking back on our last few weeks

Connecting with Friends: it’s always incredible to see campers reconnecting with old and making brand new friends. Sometimes it’s the in-between times at camp like before meals when we play games outside of the dining hall, or the quieter times around a campfire or at the cabin, that seal the deal on great friendships made at Woodcraft. Possibly our best bonding tool at AWC are still:

Trips! Campers and counselors have been busy exploring the Adirondacks as Woodcrafters do. What forms a group more than heading out on the trail or water and setting up camp together? Trips at Woodcraft are often what campers are either most nervous or excited about and always what campers remember when they look back on their Woodcraft years. Some examples of places we’ve explored so far this summer: Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, Northville Placid Trail, Fulton Chain, Great Range, Cranberry Lake, Ha-de-ron-dah Wilderness, Utowana & Blue Mountain Lakes, Follensby Clear Pond and Cascade Lake.

Special Sundays. Tomorrow is Woodcup, Woodcraft’s version of the soccer World Cup, and we just can’t believe 3 weeks have flown by! Last Sunday, camper teams competed in all kinds of fun Survivor challenges, the most exciting of which was the fire-making challenge. The Sunday before that, we celebrated Woodcraft’s 4th of July complete with a cardboard boat race, frog jumping contests and our annual bonfire on the Field of Dreams.

Parent’s Weekend is coming up! Our first session campers depart Saturday, 7/23 from 10am-12pm and our second session campers arrive on Sunday, 7/24 from 12pm-2pm. Our full summer and 5 week campers have the opportunity to head out of camp with their parent’s during that time in between. Parents, please remember to contact christina(at) to let us know of your plans! 

Before we sign off we'd like to give a HUGE shout out to our fantastic counselors and staff. They are the best!

We hope you’ve enjoyed news from your favorite summer camp in the Adirondacks. Stay tuned for more! Wishing you a fantastic week ahead, 

Doug, Christina & The Woodcraft Staff Team


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