Summer Camp News!

Aug 10, 2021

Holy Smokes Woodcraft! What an amazing summer camp adventure we’ve been having here. As I am writing this, our campers are having the best time ever during General Swim at the waterfront. It’s a bit of an Adirondack Beach Party! Picture the sun shining, Lake Kan-ac-to shimmering, pine & Tamarack trees rimming the horizon, fun music playing, water polo, canoeing, swimming, jumping & diving, paddle boarding, you name it! By the way, General Swim is the name of our last activity period of the day before dinner and generally, everyone swims! It’s a really fun time of the day when campers of all ages and from all cabins get to spend time together. Since we last wrote, our campers have been very busy at activities. All campers have been showing a great attitude toward trying new skills and we are excited for all of you parents to hear about your campers’ new favorite pastimes!

Our trips program has been extra fantastic due to sunny weather and sunny attitudes. You won’t believe all of the places we’ve explored. Stillwater and Fulton Chain canoe pack trips for our Rangers, Wenonahs & Auroras were gorgeous and fun with the night sky sparkling unlike anywhere else you’ve seen. Fishing, paddling, swimming and chilling around the campfire…  all the good stuff! Some of our Auroras and Trail Campers hiked through and summited a really impressive number of high peaks. The Auroras hiked Marcy, Skylight, Grey, Haystack, Basin, Saddleback, Gothics, Armstrong, Upper & Lower Wolfjaw and Trail Campers hiked Marshall, Algonquin, Iroquois, Grey, Cliff & Redfield. Our Outpost, Iroquois Village and Hadarondah campers canoed to Long Lake Island for their overnight camping adventure and showed impressive paddling skills. They also had the chance to try out their biking and hiking skills at McCauley mountain and search for garnet during a recent day hike to Hooper Mine. In addition, our Rangers & Wenonahs had the choice to explore the mountain bike flow trails at McCauley or hike to the Blue Mountain Fire Tower. It was a great day for it! 

We are so excited for and proud of all each individual camper has accomplished at Woodcraft this summer. There is nothing that makes us happier than a summer camp full of happy campers. Keeping up with pictures has been a little bit of a challenge this session. I am very sorry about that! I know how much you want to see your campers and I am happy to share our most recent photos with you. 

Sending so much love from Woodcraft,

Christina & Doug and the awesome Woodcraft Staff Team


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