Summer Camp News from Adirondack Woodcraft Camps

Jul 14, 2021

Whoa! How did so many days go by already?! We know the answer of course—we’ve been BUSY!! Activities have been tons of fun with Swim, Ropes, Archery, OLS, Riflery, Nature, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Arts, Rock Climbing, Biking, Boating, Afield and Soccer standing out as favorites for many campers. Wait, that’s a big list of favorite activities! Goes to show that our campers are enjoying the opportunity to pursue diverse interests all in one beautiful place. Speaking of that beautiful place, Woodcraft shines in the sun and rain. Yes, it is true. There has been a healthy dose of liquid sunshine between bright rays but here’s the deal: some of it’s been pretty light and we’re fishing, swimming, crafting, hiking, playing anyway! We’d like to think of it as part of the Woodcraft way. We can handle what comes and we know the sun always shines after rain!

In other news, let’s hear it for trips! Woodcrafters have been adventuring through trails, on water and over rock. From Cascade Lake & Falls to the High Peaks and from Woodhull to King Philipps Spring Wall, it’s been pretty amazing! Trips are not always easy. But the process of getting through the mucky parts, sometimes literally, is a big confidence and resilience builder for our campers. We are still working to collect some trip pictures but if you check our most recent photos, you will see a number!

Last Sunday’s Special Day was Survivor themed and our awesome counselors helped their campers have a fantastic day full of outdoor leadership type challenges. Speedy tent set ups, hanging bear bags, carrying a (fake!) wounded OLTD, and bailing out canoes were just some of the tasks to finish as a team. As we do every Sunday, we finished out the evening with an all camp campfire, this time in the Longhouse with a crackling fire and a talent show to boot. 

Before we go, Sunny wants you to know that she has been checking in with all Woodcrafters. She dashes out the door to live it up with campers morning til night. She sits patiently for pets and snuggles and just this week, she went for a ride in a canoe. Her mischievous side has her chasing chipmunks and squirrels and waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal someone’s hat. We thank our campers and staff members for being so nice to her! She’s one lucky dog.

Signing off from Woodcraft. Have a great day, everyone!


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