Pre Camp To Do List

Jun 06, 2021

CampTo Do List


Opening Day is just 22 days away! The joy we feel at the thought of our Woodcraft summer adventure beginning on June 27th is HUGE! Woodcraft 2021: freedom, friends, fresh air & fun! We can’t wait. As you move through the next few weeks leading up to your campers’ arrival, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We look forward to helping you!

This is the week to tie up loose ends for forms due. Check out our handy Parent Service Center to find all forms:

  1. Health Form

  2. Camper Questionnaire

  3. Travel Form

And new:

New York State newly requires all children’s summer camps to obtain the following information. The waiver asks your parental consent for your child to receive a COVID-19 test at camp by health personnel or by a physician’s office. In addition, we are asked to provide the health department with each camp community member’s vaccination data. Please complete:

  1. NYS COVID-19 Testing Waiver 

  2. NYS COVID-19 Vaccination Data

  3. QDX Pathology Test Consent Form

What to Pack?!

Packing for camp is fun! Use it as a time to connect with your camper and have lighthearted conversations about exciting camp events ahead: Reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends, trying out tons of great activities, campfires, special days, camping trips, and in general living their best outdoor adventure life at Woodcraft! Check out page 12 in our Parent Handbook if you need a hand addressing any concerns of homesickness your camper might have. And remember, don’t worry—we’ve got this! As for what to pack, refer to our Packing List. To add to it, if you would like your camper to use their own bike, helmet, fishing pole, or bow… the answer is yes, they may bring it to camp. But it’s also not necessary as we have all of that and more ready at Woodcraft.

Ok, signing off for now. We will be in touch again soon with information about arriving at camp which will include the most up to date NYS COVID-19 regulation information. Wishing you a great rest of your weekend!

Doug & Christina Bartlett

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