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Jul 23, 2019

Hi Campers!

Wow, where do we even start? We’ve been a little quiet with the blogs so that means we have a lot of catching up to do! Let’s go backwards. Today, our OLTD’s set out for a high peaks trip and our Rangers are off on a canoeing adventure. They may have had a rainy start as they departed today but that has now eased up just in time for a good night’s sleep and they will be met with some Adirondack sunshine tomorrow morning. That will be perfect for the Hadarondahs and Outposters who are also camping out tonight and will start their day with a morning hike tomorrow! Yesterday we hosted the MOST AWESOME SOCCER TOURNAMENT EVER. Yes, it requires all caps. The Woodcup is a big deal. Our 2019 Woodcup tournament was played all day in the Field of Dreams with that gorgeous green backdrop and beautiful blue skies up above. Music playing, lots of hanging out and cheering on the sidelines. Teams Mexico, Germany, France, England and Italy played their best and had chances to fight their way back to the final even if they lost their first games. Team Mexico took home thecup in the final against Germany. What a game!

Earlier this week, the Rangers who elected to go got to participate in a totally cool rock climbing day adventure near Keene. It was an epic day for the group, they accomplished quite a lot and came home happy and psyched … and tired. It was fun but hard work! Let’s see, what else?! Earlier in the week some Auroras & Wenonahs climbed Wright and Phelps peaks on a double night adventure in the high peaks while other canoed and portaged on the Fulton Chain of Lakes. Trail Campers explored Indian Lake on a three night trip. At camp, campers have been working on patches in their favorite activities. At Arts & Crafts they have been whittling, making balsam pillows, and learning how to weave baskets… the rock wall, zip and A-Field have also been going full force and it’s been great to see the mountain bikers cruise around camp and try our awesome obstacles when they work up their courage!

Well, taps blew a long time ago and so we will sign off for tonight. Sending you our very best regards from your favorite summer camp: Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. More news again soon!



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