Teen Outdoor Leadership meets Summer Camp at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps

Mar 15, 2019

Teen Outdoor Leadership meets Traditional Summer Camp: A Unique Summer Adventure at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps

Our 16 & 17 year olds take it to the next level and begin their transition from summer camper to summer camp counselor with our Outdoor Leadership Training Division at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. What makes our OLTD program unique is that it is neither just wilderness adventure or solely traditional summer camp counselor training. It’s both! Our teens will spend time improving skills in various traditional camp activities AND honing their “woodcraft” (the art of living and thriving in the woods) to become confident outdoorsmen and women who can lead our wilderness adventure trips in the future. Our OLTDs are beloved for all they contribute to our summer camp community and they are respected for their adventurous spirit and commitment to learning how to lead our campers at traditional camp activities and on exciting Adirondack wilderness adventures. 

If you have a teen, or are a teen, who would love to be a part of an incredible summer of fun, friendship, learning and discovery, consider Adirondack Woodcraft Camps Outdoor Leadership Training Division this summer!

Here’s what our OLTDs can expect to learn and begin to master:

Wilderness: map & compass reading, leave no trace principles, trip planning & safety, hiking & canoeing techniques, backcountry cooking, shelter building, knot tying, animal & plant identification.

Leadership: team building, taking initiative, communication, observing, reflecting, evaluating, organizing, planning, managing

Camper Care: camper safety and basic first aid, teaching/coaching techniques, activity leadership skills, cabin life, mentoring & positive role modeling, behavior management.


First Session: Two 4-5 night wilderness training trips, two weeks of in-camp training & activity skill building plus one OLTD Day Off. 

Second Session: One 4-5 night wilderness training trip, two weeks of in-camp training & activity skill building plus one OLTD Day Off.

Parent's Weekend: All OLTDs staying full session may take parents weekend to spend time with their family!

Application Process: Interested OLTDs write a letter of interest to the camp directors describing their desire & ability to cooperate in a small group setting, work with children, act as a positive role model, learn to coach activities, and complete wilderness training trips. All OLTD applications will include one letter of recommendation. 

Community Service: Our OLTDS are often able to use their time spent as counselors in training to complete community service hours required. We are happy to support with a letter and program information.



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