Summer Camp News from Adirondack Woodcraft Camps

Jul 25, 2018

Wow, campers—what a weekend we had at Adirondack Woodcraft Summer Camps! Friday night marked our final campfire of the first session and let’s be honest, nobody was ready to say goodbye to anybody. But in good Woodcraft fashion we made it a beautiful night with a fire at the beach and the perfect array of fun songs and skits as the sun went down over Lake Kan-ac-to.


Before we sang goodnight, each cabin had the chance to walk out on our docks to set birch candle boats onto the lake to symbolize the light they added to Woodcraft that session and the memories made that they can keep in their hearts forever. It was a beautiful sight to see!


Without missing a beat we donned our camp T-shirts the next day for a fabulous Parent’s Visiting Weekend. It was great to see so many Woodcraft families, new and old. We loved welcoming our new campers to their summer camp adventure at Woodcraft and even our rookies settled in like they were old timers! Swim tests, camp tours and camp wide games kept us busy until dinner on our first afternoon & evening. We ended the night with a crackling campfire, this time at the original fire circle (that’s right, we’re talking 1925) with pine trees surrounding us and clear skies above.




We are now two full days into our second summer camp session and our Wenonahs are already off on their first trips! Canoeing and hiking are in the program at a couple of gorgeous Adirondack spots and we can’t wait to hear their trip reports when they return. Trail Campers set out tomorrow! At camp, our Woodcraft summer campers have been busy getting introduced to and gaining skills in all of our favorite activities. We also welcomed a great little crew of summer day campers Monday morning and we hope they will choose to try out the optional overnight this week to see what sleep away camp is all about!

We hope you like the pictures so far! 

Sending you our very best greetings from your favorite summer camp,

Your Adirondack Woodcraft Camps Team


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