News from the Coolest Summer Camp in the Adirondacks

Jul 03, 2018

Where to begin?! Summer camp life is good at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps! We’ve had a little heat wave since we last wrote and our campers have been living it up at the waterfront to stay cool. We’ve been working on swimming patches, boating skills, long distance swims and of course totally awesome jumps and dives.

BoatParade.jpgOur Adirondack Woodcraft Camps Fourth of July celebration was this past Sunday. It was a fun and fabulous day for our summer campers complete with water games & races, a delicious bbq picnic lunch, boat decorating, a boat parade, and a long awaited frog race followed by campers and counselors competing for their own longest leap. Each division had caught and tended to their frog during the week leading up to the event and the frogs arrived at the starting line with fantastic names ranging from “Jeff” to “Free Shevacadoo” “Shoe Banana” and “Chief Ribbit.” Frogs won awards for speed, distance, and categories like “best legs.” We ended our special Sunday with a beautiful bonfire on the O-Field (a.k.a. Field of Dreams) where campers performed songs, played guitar, told jokes and performed skits to entertain the entire camp until dusk. Sparklers glowed as did everyone’s smiles when we said goodnight. 

Our Rangers are returning from a two night canoe trip today and our Wenonahs just set out for their canoe/hike overnight. The Outpost, Hadorandah and IV summer campers will also be out on trips this week. We do love our outdoor adventures here at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps and can’t wait to hear trip reports!

Sending warm wishes from the coolest summer camp in the currently hot Adirondacks,

Your Adirondack Woodcraft Camps Summer Team


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