New Summer Day Camp at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps in Old Forge, NY

Jun 12, 2018

Adirondack Woodcraft Camps is proud to offer a new summer day camp program for local and visiting families who would like to enroll their children in an exciting summer camp experience but are not ready for sleep away camp. The day camp option at Woodcraft, opening for the first time this summer, will run from 9AM to 4PM Mondays through Fridays from June 25, 2018 to August 10th, 2018. Parents may enroll their children ages 6-13 for one week at a time.

Adirondack Woodcraft Camps' mission is to help young people grow in courage, build resilience, and see the natural world and fellow friends with caring eyes. When considering starting day camp as an option at Woodcraft, Doug & Christina Bartlett took a long look at the camp's mission and future and drew from past experience running other day and sleep away camp programs around the country. "Although our primary focus is to grow our overnight camp to be a healthy and sustainable size so Adirondack Woodcraft Camps can honor its great history and exist long into the future, we are excited about helping new families and campers to get a taste of the incredibly fun and meaningful world of summer camp and hopefully return to us to build skills and friendships that last a lifetime." 

Space for day camp is limited. For more information about day camp at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps click HERE.

Adirondack Woodcraft Camps is accepting enrollments for both sleep away and day camp at this time. Enroll HERE or call Christina or Doug at 315-369-6031 for more information.


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