Meet Margo, Your Summer Camp Buddy at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps

Feb 13, 2018


To my Future Campers:
That's me in the picture. I'm Margo. I live at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. I love snow a lot. (It's EVERYWHERE on camp right now.) I love a lot of things a lot. Most of all I love hugs and ear rubs and belly scratches. My humans say I'm the biggest love bug they know but I'm not actually a bug. I am big though. I'm super duper excited to meet you. This is the best summer camp ever.
My mom told me I have a new job as the "Summer Camp Dogger" to tell you about camp things when you are not here at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. But I know my most important job is to love you. And that's easy, because I do. Love you if you are big, small, wet, dry, dirty, clean, happy, or not. Doesn't matter. I have this trick that I do to get you to stay with me for a while. You'll see it when you get here. When will you get here? My Dad says it will be when the snow melts and the lake is warm. That's summer. Makes sense. I love lakes. I have two right outside my door now. It's SO awesome. I hope you will take me for a canoe ride. But even if you don't I will watch you from the dock and make sure your have your life vest on and are safe. Because I love you. And you keep people you love safe.
Okay. Have a nice day. You can write me questions if you want at: info(at)
Your Summer Camp Buddy,



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