Forever Woodcraft

You are invited to open the world of Woodcraft for a child who would otherwise not share this experience. We know that many campers return here because something important happened in these 300 acres. The years of camp can be filled with great growth, and often the confidence, or ability to be comfortable in a new place, or the lesson from mastering a new skill, add up in important ways later in life.

The Forever Woodcraft Fund was established to endow tuition to the camp for children who would not otherwise be able to experience a summer at camp. Forever Woodcraft recognizes the value of the camp experience as an opportunity to grow in self confidence, independence, appreciation for the natural world, and as a stepping stone to success in life. By dedicating the income from this endowment to campers the Fund recognizes the inherent value of the camp as it now exists. The income is not used for camp, but to make the camp experience available to more families.

To learn more about how you can give a child the Adirondack Woodcraft experience please contact us.